How to Hotspot using a smart phone?

In this article am simply going to show you how to hotspot using your smart phone? This is something which is very easy to use and it is often used by people who can’t manage Wi-fi costs. This can be used at anytime as long as you have a well working cell phone network. The following are the few steps that can guide someone who has strangles with their hotspot
1. Buy a data bundle using your phone most preferably the Android phone or iPhone, powered phones are easier to do this.
2. For easier connections ,it is advisable to use the USB cable connected to your phone
3. Go to the settings (under connections), go to hotspot and turn it on.
4. In case you’re not sure of the security of your hotspot just go to my hotspot ;security ;show password and type it into the security of that net work.
5. You would have accessed your data and now you’re free to go hotspoting.
After when you have done all that go to your computer, laptop or smart phone and then go to settings, then click on the network and go to where there is wi fi and then click on manage known networks then simply search for your hotspot network and connect. Then for smart phones go to wi fi networks and then search for your network and connect, then you will be ready to go surfing on internet which is enjoyable by the way because even surfing on internet is one my best thing which keeps me busy in my free time. Make sure that you are not left behind with the dot com generation because it’s mostly full of using recent technical things which makes me say that technology has brought more good than good though on the other hand it’s the opposite.