The fact about chocolate

Please tell me, who doesn’t like chocolate? Who doesn’t like this sweat food? Many people think that chocolate can make us become fat and Let me tell you the fact about chocolate.
First , what does the chocolate made from? Of course chocolate was made from the cacao .what is cacao? Cacao was a seeds and cacao was a fruit tree that has been planted by the

cacao farmer. Every cacao tree produces 2500 cacao beans.cacao was a fruit. How can? Cacao was process by  roasted And ground. And then the cacao seeds must be fermented to get a better taste. Then  the cacao will be clean and dried. then  The cacao  must be process  by the machine.
How many cacao needed to make 1 pound of chocolate?
I had read the article about chocolate. The nominal of the cacao beans ,that  producer needed to make 1 pound of chocolate was 400 cacao beans. That is mean everytime you eat chocolate you have spent 400 cacao beans.
Did the chocolate contains caffeine?
Yes, Chocolate was an enery food.
Does the chocolate make us fat?
Chocolate doesn’t make fat if you eat it in a little and provide healty benefits .but chocolate make fat  if you eat it a lot because chocolate is high in calories,sugar and fat.
Dark chocolate is recomended for you if you want to eat a lot of chocolate.
But white chocolate doesn’t recomended for you because white chocolate more much calories than milk chocolate.
Hopefully this article can help you
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