How to Hard Reset OPPO N3 to resolve forgot pattern etc.

This time we want to discuss about perform how to do a hard reset OPPO N3, is not new in the world of Android term Hard Reset but what’s wrong with that we read again and examine further what is meant by Hard Reset Android phones. The answers are below please read carefully.

What is it Hard Reset?

Hard Reset is a means used to wipe all data available on android phones ranging from applications to data stored on the internal memory starting at the beginning of smartphone

use. So the conclusion that a hard reset method to restore the phone like the initial purchase with the manufacturer’s default settings, keep what are the benefits?

"How To Hard Reset OPPO N3"
How To Hard Reset OPPO N3

Advantages of Doing Hard Reset

When performing a Hard Reset all data will be lost, including viruses and other malware, for example, now we are going to do Hard Reset to OPPO N3, then the entire contents of the internal memory of the OPPO N3 will be lost as well if there is a virus in it will also be deleted anyway. But the external memory will be like before doing Hard Reset, why? for External memory is not included in the system of the Honor 4c.


  • Removing the whole setting and return to the very beginning.
  • Patterns including locks and other security.
  • Eliminate Viruses that on mobile.
  • Malware will also be deleted along with the data.
  • Eliminate the lock pattern (useful if you forget your pattern or key)
  • ETC.

Losses Hard Reset

  • Important data in the internal memory also be deleted.

Now already know what it Hard Reset, when it is now time to do the steps below to perform a hard reset perfectly let’s do it.

Chose Wipe data and Chace

Step How To Perform Hard Reset OPPO N3

  1. Make sure the battery OPPO N3 is sufficient or better fully.
  2. Turn off and remove the batteries for a moment and plug it again.
  3. After that go OPPO N3 Recovery mode by press and hold volume Down + Power buttons simultaneously, then the OPPO N3 will enter the Android System Recovery.
  4. If until here smoothly, go on to select wipe data / factory reset and confirm with select yes – delete all user data / yes.
  5. Select wipe cache partition
  6. Select Reboot System
  7. OPPO N3 will automatically restart
  8. Wait until finished, then the OPPO N3 will flash and can be used as before.

NB: Do With Your Own Risk (just calm the risk is really small), please comment below to ask if there were not understood.

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